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RavingBots.MultiInput Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Namespace for the Multi-Input library.
Public classDevicesEnumeratedEvent
Event type for the DevicesEnumerated event.
Public classDeviceStateChangedEvent
Event type for the DeviceStateChanged event. You will get a device object and the enumerator describing the change. The device object may be null for removed devices.
Public classInputCodeExt
Several utility methods and constants for InputCode.
Public classInputState
The main component of the library. You need to add this to every scene that uses components that query input. You should also give it priority over everything else in the script execution order settings.
Public classInputStateExt
Various convenience extension methods for InputState.
Public classVirtualAxis
Concrete class for custom virtual axes.
Public interfaceIDevice
Uniform interface to all device objects.
Public interfaceIVirtualAxis
Scalar values representing a virtual axis in previous, current and next frame.
Public enumerationDeviceEvent
Enumeration for device state events.
Public enumerationInputCode
Platform- and device-independent virtual axis codes.
Public enumerationLogLevel
Logging level constants.